In 1979, at the age of 21, Norman Childs had a vision. After working for big box eyewear centers for three years, he was finally ready to do things his way. This is the same mentality that Norman brings to the launch of Norman Childs Eyewear 36 years later. Each frame is handcrafted in America and given the same attention to detail and quality as Norman’s stores give to their clients. As a retailer, Norman has expertise on what clients want. He has used this knowledge to fine tune and develop his own collection, not wanting to reinvent the wheel, but to make it better.

Our plastic frames, known in the industry as Zyl, are made out of high quality cellulose acetate, either Mazzuchelli acetate from Italy or the finest Japanese acetate.  This raw plastic material, which comes in blocks, sheets, or strips, can be judged by the sweet smell it produces.

The raw plastic is shipped to California, where our frames are produced. A machine called a pantograph, mills the raw plastic into the basic shape of the frame it will become. Next, we fuse French-made components by Comotec to the roughly shaped frame front. This includes the nose pads and the temple hinges. All of the details of the design are then touched up by hand to ensure the highest quality. We sand and file the frames so that they are the proper shape, no detail is overlooked.

From there our frames travel into very special machines called tumblers. The tumblers work on our frames for five to six days to smooth and remove any blemishes during the initial stages of production.

Our temples are cut and attached by hand to ensure a straight, proper fitting finished product. Finally we hand polish every product to ensure a uniform and aesthetically pleasing shine. The entire process takes about three to four weeks and spans three countries. Italian and Japanese plastics, French components, and quality American hand-crafting makes Norman Childs Eyewear a true work of art.